Management Team

  • "We are committed to providing participation, opportunities & meaningful uplift to those deprived of development in the past."

  • "Our ethos is to cultivate win-win relationships with our clients and to understand their unique needs. "

Management Team Profile

Reason Hove

Reason Hove is a Health & Safety coach with over 18 years of experience in the construction industry. He was a safety officer for WBHO, Sasol Synfuels & Concor Holdings and also worked as a HSE manager for Cummins Africa. He has overseen major and complex projects as a health & safety consultant for MTCC. He represented the Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development (GDID) as a SHE consultant for different Construction projects. He also compiled and implemented training programmes for all subcontractors on how to do a proper hazard identification & risk assessment while working at SASOL. He is the founding member of RISHETS Pty Ltd.

Reason managed and ensured compliance with HSE-related legal requirements including Occupational Health & Safety Act, the COID Act and National Environmental Management Act (NEMA), facilitated environmental impacts & aspect assessment for external companies and worked with different teams to close non-compliances raised in audit reports. He provided coaching and leadership support to site management teams and line managers in order to achieve set HSE objectives & targets. He developed & managed the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality programme for large multi-disciplinary projects and implemented risk management plans aligned to the project activities at WBHO.

He holds a Hons BA in Environmental Management, B Tech in Safety Management and a B Tech in Quality Management (all from UNISA), a National Diploma in Safety Management (Technikon SA), Management Development Programme (MDP 1) (6 months) (University of PTA). Mr Hove is registered and in good standing with the statutory professional body, The South African Council for the Project Management Professions (SACPCMP) as a Construction Health and Safety Manager (CHSM). His achievements include winning several 2nd and 3rd places in the Gauteng Master Builder Association Safety Award; 2nd position certificate awarded by Cainmead Industrial consultants on 29 February 2008; 1st position certificate awarded by Cainmead Industrial consultants on 7 October 2007 for achieving full safety legal documentation compliance Site awards received from Master Builders Association Gauteng (MBA) after site safety system audit.

His key skills include interpersonal, communication, customer service, resilience and computer applications. He has high competence in teamwork, leadership, business acumen, professional ethics, achievement-oriented, responsibility & problem solving. His ambition is to make RISHETS company the number one preferred Safety Health Environmental Training provider in South Africa, Africa & even beyond by providing top quality industrial skills training programs which ensure compliance to legislation, reduced cost of accidents, client satisfaction through offering quality products & services in accordance with the latest technology esp. computer applications + data handling.

Paul Chikoto

Is an adaptable, motivated & fully-fledged Mathematics Educator, Statistician & an OD ETD practitioner holding a BSc Hons in Statistics, BSc in Mathematics & Statistics; Education Diploma and OD ETD Certificates (Skills Development Facilitator, Assessor, Moderator, Trainthe-Trainer & ETD Management + ETD Quality Management). He has 18 years’ teaching, lecturing & training experience in various learning institutions & training companies namely Eqinisweni High School (Math Educator), Birnam Business College (Numeracy Lecturer), Denel Aviation (Analytics Facilitator), Sci-Bono (Dept. of Education) SSIP (Math Tutor), IBM (ICT Worx) (Soft Skills Trainer), Ignoblis Skills Dev Pvt Ltd (Math Assessor) and UNISA (part-time Statistics & Mathematics Lecturer)

Working with different institutions enabled him to develop a clear, logical & analytical mind with a practical approach to creative problem solving & a drive to see ad hoc duties through to completion in a professional manner. He possesses excellent skills in teaching, training, communication, time management, organisation, presentation, report writing, data analysis & computer applications + analysis. In terms of interpersonal skills, he is responsive to colleagues & helpful whenever possible; a team player who considers & analyses different opinions and take the lead when necessary.

His career objective was seeking employment in an organisation where he can use his training & facilitation knowledge and statistical analytical techniques + skills for the growth & development of South African workforce.

His key skills & competencies are as follows: Analytical–professionally logical, systematic and rule-oriented in gathering, reviewing and evaluating data from a variety of perspectives. Communication and Presentation–good ability to listen attentively, present information in a clear manner and respond appropriately to the verbal and written communication of others plus the capacity to present information to students or audience in a way that effectively conveys information and intent. Technical–highly capable of performing technical duties to the required standards and always keen to learn new technological developments esp. MS Office applications in order to remain abreast of developments in the specialist field and continuously improve and explain his knowledge and skills. Developing people–strong ability to select talent and encourage students’ personal and professional development (including coaching and mentoring competence).

Problem solving–expert in describing a problem effectively, gathering and analysing information and creating options in order to generate a workable solution. Investigative orientation–good capacity to ask questions, plan ahead and make effective use of resources and research relevant information that yield expert opinions. His ambition is to be a well-established, successful & well-known accredited skills development provider in South Africa as a whole