RISHETS Methodologies and Approach

  • Our Training Approach

    We use classroom based theoretical and practical sessions, individual and group exercises, role-playing, case study and discussions.

Our Training Approach

In order for organisations to be competitive, they ought to deliver value to the customers at the right time, at the right price and at a good quality. These are the three most common criteria for competitiveness globally. RISHETS is dedicated to assisting in transforming organisations to be more competitive, productive, efficient and cost effective.

1. Content Creation

  • Assess industry development & identify new course
  • Prepare materials & deliver through multiple channels
  • Continuously audit & upgrade existing courses

2. Solution Development

  • Identify & analyse customer needs
  • Design solutions aligned to industry standards

3. Delivery

  • Host workshops
  • Evaluation of candidates
  • Obtain feedback & customer satisfaction score, provide inputs in solution development program

Facilitation Methodologies

The training methods used are:

  • Outcomes-based
  • Needs based
  • Cost effective
  • Step-by-step-approach
  • Participatory
  • Communicative & task based training
  • Case studies, role plays and simulations
  • Lectures and seminars